Schools For Gambia

The photo on the left shows the front entrance to Farafenni General Hospital, and on the right is the patient waiting area - people will sit/lie here for many hours, waiting to see a doctor or a nurse. Time is of no essence.

Initially the Schools For Gambia charity was setup to cater for the education of the children, but over the years we found ourselves diversifying into giving help to the villages, hospitals and clinics. To our mind the general health and welfare of the children was every bit as important as their education.

Over the past 5/6 years our support of the hospitals and clinics has increased considerably, mostly thanks to the very generous help and support of  manufacturers of medicines, and medical equipment, as well as UK hospitals and GP’s. In particular we would like to thank Dr.Ramesh, and Dr.Vas, from Fylde, Lancashire, who have both been extremely generous in donating medical equipment and furniture, as well as medicines. Dr.Ramesh actually accompanied us on one of our trips to The Gambia, and can be seen below visiting the hospital in Serekunda, the latest to be b uilt in The Gambia.

The following photos show what medical items, and medicines have been donated to the charity, over the past few years.


Gynaecological equipment


Knitted baby clothes


Glass microscope slides