Schools For Gambia

This well was commissioned by June Rowlands, to commemorate her husband Brian. Thanks to this kind action the village of Duntabalu now has a plentiful supply of fresh drinking water, and is able to irrigate the communal vegetable garden.

When Dave Owen’s wife, Ruth, died he wanted to provide a lasting memorial to her which would also benefit others. Fortunately at the same time, we had been approached by the village of Katchang to help them get a well sank, so that they could have a supply of fresh drinking water, and also enable irrigation of a proposed vegetable garden. We mentioned this to Dave, and he was only too pleased for Katchang to have “Ruth’s Well”.

The bore hole to reach the water table was not as deep as expected, so the cost was accordingly less. Dave said that the balance could pay for a fence around the garden to keep the animals out. Dave later paid for a second well at Katchang, and a few years on the garden is thriving, and very productive.

The charity has done extremely well by Dave Owens, who after Katchang, went on to pay for a well to be sank at the Mae Winterton Cornerstones Nursery School, and also pay for the shipping of a container to The Gambia.