Schools For Gambia

Jabisa - a school borne out of tragedy

Jabisa is a small rural village which did not have it’s own school. The children had to walk 4 km to the nearest one. Unfortunately their path took them through forest where there is a large concentration of monkeys, which had started to attack the children, and one such attack lead to the death of a child, so the parents refused to let them run the gauntlet, and kept them at home. The government said that they could have a grass school, and they would allocate two teachers to the village. The above troop of Baboons was photographed only km from Jabisa.

When we heard about their plight, and first visited, the children were sitting on the ground to take their lessons, so we gave them some chairs, but no desks, because the rainy season was due and would ruin them - because of it’s structure the school was like a sieve. The next time we visited we did leave them some desks, and they were very pleased, and the Alcallo (village leader) came to the school to thank Mae personally, on behalf of everyone in the village.

There has since been further developments in as much as Clifton Primary School, Balsall Heath, heard about the situation, and took on the task of raising the money to have a proper school built.One Friday night Mae and Ivor were invited to a quiz evening at Clifton School, which had been organized by Azra Bi, and her colleagues, as a fund raiser towards Jabisa school. The evening actually raised £800.,and besides this the charity was presented with cheque's amounting to a further £7,029. This means that Clifton are well on their way to raise the £9,000 needed to build the school. Many thanks Clifton for a fantastic effort.

The rest of the photos show the progress of the school up to completion.