Schools For Gambia

Sometimes “Thank you” does not seem sufficient when wishing to thank the schools, organisations, and individuals, who have helped to raise funds, and have made donations to this charity, to help the very poor people in The Gambia.

We have therefore compiled a list of those who have helped the charity the most:

Dartford College, Dartford,

Donated tables and chairs and teaching equipment to the Anglican Mission Institute, secondary school, Farafenni.

Parklands High School,
Chorley, Lancashire.

Supplied a large number of chairs, which were distributed between the Anglican Mission Institute, and the Senior Secondary School, Farafenni, and 18 other schools in the North Bank District.

Clifton Primary Sdchool, Balsall Heath, Birmingham.

Raised sufficient funds to provide a school kitchen, hand-pump well, and school garden, with fence, tools, and seeds at Pallenfullen. On 04-11-2011 they gave the Schools For Gambia, a cheque for £7,029 towards the £9,000 needed for a new school. Balance to follow

Eaton Bank School, Congleton.

Funds raised paid for the renovation of a derelict building at Kundam Lower Basic School, providing a kitchen and dining room, library, and resource room.

Dudley Primary Schools, Dudley, West Midlands.

A group of four schools in Dudley, paid for the building of Jam Jam Nursery School, Tobakoto, and supplied a large quantity of school materials.

Lovell College, Alsager, Cheshire.

Through extensive fund raising they were able to create a large vegetable garden at The Anglican Mission Institute, Farafenni, and hire a tractor to plough the land. They also supplied seeds and watering cans well as arranging for the renovation of their well.

CellPath Ltd.,Newtown, Powys.

This company gave us over 6,000 glass slides for microscopes, which we distributed between the hospitals and clinics which had need of them.

Knitting Friends, National.

A group of ladies, spread around the country, who knit shawls, and baby clothes, which they donate to us on a regular basis.

A very big thank  you to pupils of All Hallows, and Eaton Bank, as well as a few neighbours of Chris Cork(front right), who helped with a bag-pack at Morrisons supermarket, which raised £720. This helped towards the cost of sending a container to The Gambia. Also a huge thanks to Morrisons’ supermarket, Congleton.

Carpenter Rees Jackson, and volunteer friends.

These people did a sponsored bike ride over the Pyronees.The money raised paid for the building of the school at Maka Farafenni, and for pipework from the village to the school, so that they had constant fresh water. The general upkeep of the school is covered by Schools For Gambia

Methodist Church, Sandbach.

The Methodist church has kindly offered to sponsor a teacher at the Maka Farafenni School.

Nigel Petri.

Many thanks to Nigel, who raised £14,000 on behalf of our charity, by doing a sponsored bike ride over the Pyronees. This enabled the building of a nursery school at the army barracks in Farafenni. It also replaced a school roof at Keerlean, and paid for the shipping of a container from the UK to The Gambia.

Diana Farmer,
Exchequer Services,

Diana has helped the charity a great deal lately, which she says is due to the generosity of her contacts, who we are very pleased to list below:

St.Peter’s Academy
Abbey Hill Special School
Birches Head High School
Sneyd Green Primary School
St.Lukes C of E School
Haywood Engineering College
Brownhills Academy
Priory Primary School

Mr. & Mrs. George Vale.

Over the past few years Mr.& Mrs.Vale have made a number of donations to our charity. The latest of £1,000 is to aid The “Ladies Self-help” project, and Mae took this money on her Nov. 2012 trip, to give to the most needy of the groups.